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Ballet performance "Nusic Triptych"

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Cultural Center "Gligor Prlicev"

About the hall

The National Center for Culture ‘’Grigor Prlicev”” – Ohrid, like an organiser and unavoidable factor of the cultural life in Ohrid and its surroundings has successfully developed numerous cultural events that animate the citizens, especially the young generation. Formed back in 1958 as a Home of Cultural, an institution for development and promotion of cultural, artistic and entertainment activities in Ohrid, half a century is an important vital center of numerous movable cultural forms that cost cultural unity - a mosaic of cultural events. Most of the cultural forms exist simultaneously in time he dwells in the institution, many of them in line with modern needs were undergoing changes when it would be needed for the relevance of the spirit of the place, giving way to new ones constantly comming, complementing old or continued as new forms. The activity of this cultural institution is a program that functions to instigate and develop culture, driving the cultural expression of the overall population in the region, especially the creativity of children and youth, publishing cultural and artistic works, as well as performing other activities in the field of culture according to law.